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BI Solutions

IISI has designed, developed and deployed custom BI tools for our customers to include dashboards, analyzers, and reports using COTS software products (Business Objects, Tableau, Splunk and Informatica) that allow for rapid development and highly specialized solutions. Interactive dashboards have been developed for DoD that provides a Common Operating Picture (COP) across the enterprise to allows our customers to analysis their historical data, determine trends and predict future forecast.

• Data mined from multiple systems realtime

• Rich user friendly graphical displays

• Interactive filtering and drill down capabilities

• Reporting and data exporting functions

Secured Data Solutions

IISI has designed, developed and deployed custom data exchange solutions for our customers using COTS software products (Attachmate and GlobalScape) that allow for secured exchange of large volumes of data using SFTP, SSH and SSL protocols. These highly specialized solutions compile with all security and authentication requirements. Managed file capabilities are custom programmed into the solutions to allow the customer to manage, track and distribute files throughout their organization.

• Highly reliable and secured data exchange

• Meets or exceeds DoD, DISA and NIST data exchange standards

• Workspace for file transfer and file management

• Built-in intelligence for fail proof data exchange