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Company Overview

Welcome to IISI

Interactive Information Solutions, Inc. (IISI) specializes in Consulting Services, Information Technology, and Software Development. Based in Northern Virginia, IISI delivers superior technical services and solutions to both federal and commercial customers. IISI was founded in 2001 by a team of consultants wanting to provide best-in-value services to our customers in applying technology to solving their most complex business challenges. IISI was established with the passion of providing our dedicated professionals with the rewarding opportunities to utilize their expertise and talent in ensuring the business success of our customers.

IISI has grown into a premier Technology Service Provider now servicing major components within the Department of Defense (DoD), major agencies within the Federal Government and a number of Fortune 500 companies. IISI now has locations in Northern Virginia, Huntsville - AL, New Cumberland - PA and Washington DC. Through this growth, we have not forgotten our humble beginnings and the important customers that we serve. We reaffirm our commitment to our customers each and everyday in our professionalism, hard-work and dedication in the service and support that we provide.

Mission & Vision

MISSION - Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative technology solutions that are cost-effective, obtainable and sustainable in meeting their complex business challenges.

VISION - Our vision is to become a Leading Information Technology company by helping our customers apply the power of technology to streamline their business processes, increase their competitiveness and explore new business opportunities. We will strive to provide superior value for our customers on each and every commitment that we enter into.

Core Values

INTEGRITY - As a company, we are committed to doing our work with the highest level of integrity. We are uncompromising in our principles, ethics and standards of doing business. Our integrity is reflected in our honesty in dealing with our customers, working with our colleagues and treating others outside of work.

TRUST - Our relationship with our customers is built upon the foundation of trust that is reflected in our employees in doing their best and doing the right thing whether the matter is big or small. Trust must be earned by each employee from their colleagues and IISI management before the employee is considered ready to represent our company to the customer.

PERSEVERANCE - Mental toughness and staying the course are sometimes required to get the job done especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Our employees are dedicated professionals that will see a job through from beginning to end. We are committed to doing the job right the first time and knowing that the experience and knowledge will prepare us for future challenges.

INSPIRING - We perform our work with forward thinking that there are more innovative ways to better a solution or a process that a customer is currently using. We know that by asking "What if" this can lead to more opportunities, more cost-saving and faster implementation for our customers. Our employees are passionate about their work in knowing that it makes a difference, adds value for the customer, and is a reflection of themselves and of our company.


WOMAN-OWNED - Our company is a 100% Woman Owed Small Business where the owners manage the company on a daily basis with a vested interest in ensuring the success and growth of the company. We are focused, driven and committed to providing our customers with the highest level of services.

As a small company, we have an open door policy where our employees are able to communicate directly with the owners resulting in issues being addressed quickly on a personal level.

Our owners engage actively to our customers’ requests and concerns and work closely with management to ensure that each and every concern is fully addressed to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

EXPERIENCED - Our Management Team has a combined 25 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) Services, Federal Contracting and Management, Business Consulting and Business Process Improvement.

FOCUSED - We are IT Focused - our company is focused on providing core IT services and we have demonstrated this with over 14 years of experiencing in these services to our customers. We continuous train our employees on the latest technologies and work with leading vendors on real world solutions.

Our employees make the difference. Explore employment opportunities with IISI.


Cleared Employees
Challenging Assignments

Our cleared professionals work on some of the most challenging projects involving software and systems engineering, cybersecurity, logistics, financial, e-collaboration and e-governance.

Subject Matter Experts

We employe some of the most respected SMEs with over 15 years of expertise within their field possessing advanced degrees and certifications.

Professional Opportunities
Education & Career Advancement

We provide various opportunities for our employees to advance their education through Higher Education Assistance Programs or advance their careers through Management Training Programs.